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Reactive Anonymous Private Package

Help for fearful and/or reactive dogs in a private format. 7.5hrs

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $735-885
  • Online Sessions or Customer's Backyard

Service Description

This package focuses on using many of the skills taught in Control Unleashed and BAT programs. You'll learn how to address underlying stressors in your dog's life, and how to find joy with your pup again. At the end of this training course, you’ll have the skills you need to help your dog: - pay attention to you when you need it - feel confident in a variety of situations - check in with you when they feel unsure instead of acting big and scary (or getting small and shutting down) - begin to change their negative associations with triggers - go on a walk without stress and panic - practice calm in the presence of their triggers during set-ups - 1 Initial Session (1.5hrs) - 5 Continuation Sessions (1hr each) - 2 BAT sessions* (30 minutes each at a Costa Mesa park) - Shared Google homework document with notes and video links - Recordings of all Zoom sessions - Feedback & coaching on 3 x two minute homework videos per live session. Lowest price is for all sessions done through Zoom; highest price is for all in-person outdoor sessions (except Zoom follow-ups). Custom combinations of Zoom and in-person may be made as well. In-person packages include a belted treat bag, training mat, and 16ft sure-grip leash. Once you have completed Reactive Anonymous course, you can arrange additional BAT sessions and/or Control Unleashed** sessions with Kate in Costa Mesa parks in order to further your dog’s rehabilitation and ability to cope with stress. *BAT sessions for dog-dog reactivity start with a realistic fake dog and progress to practice with a live dog at approximately 250ft apart, using either Bluetooth headsets or speakerphone to communicate between trainer and client. The distance will decrease over time until the dogs are ready for parallel walks or other Control Unleashed games to facilitate closer engagement and/or interaction. **Control Unleashed sessions are for dog-human teams with advanced BAT skills, for practice in busier/less predictable locations.

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Costa Mesa, CA, USA

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